BEVINSEE 2022 A01 H7 LED Super Bright 6000K IP68 Waterproof

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  • 【300% Brighter】Integrated 60W 13000LM CSP-3570 LED beads to deliver brighter light. With jaw-dropping 200m projecting distance, improve your response time and allow you to drive back home safe every day.
  • 【Excellent Cooling】With 15000 RPM powerful & mute fan protected by a sculpted cover to prevent wiring from interfering with the operation of fan, sweep away the heat for longer service life. Built in solid aluminum construction, 300%+ faster in cooling speed.
  • 【IP68 Waterproof】Highly resistant to any bad weather, such as heavy rain, snow and fog. You can rest assured in every minute.
  • 【EMC Anti-interference】Built-in smart IC to resist electromagnetic interference to ensure current stable. Give you a pleasant relaxing time in the car.
  • 【After-sale service】We offer lifetime technical support. Contact us at any time please if you are not sure which bulb size you need. After purchasing, contact us please if have any questions.We will at your service till the problem is 100% solved. Trust us!


  • Color Temperature:6000K Pure White
  • Wattage: 60W/Pair
  • Brightness: 10000LM/Pair
  • Voltage:DC 11-30V
  • Current:2.5A
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C
  • Waterproof Degree:IP67
  • Lifespan:>100,000 H
  • Start Up: 0.1s Illumination
  • Package Included:
    2X H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

Customer Attention:
If you can't confirm what type of light bulbs use to your Vehicle, please feel free to contact us with your car's YEAR,MAKE,MOLD.We are happy to help you to check.

【Daytime running light】 function!!!
-- After installing the LED bulbs, the Vehicle needs to be decoded in the following cases:
1.The headlight light is flashing, strobe or indefinitely flashing(Electrolytic capacitor decoding may worked).
2.The on-board computer(ECU) reports an error, the central control panel displays an error icon or displays bulbs burns out error message.(Resistance decoding may worked)
3.The bulbs does not work. What you can do is connect the bulbs to12V DC ,it can work normally(Resistance decoding may worked).
situation 1: use this case to judge whether it need to be decoded.
situation 2:use this case to judge whether is a reverse polarity plug(turn bulb's plug 180° to insert into headlamp and turn on to test)

Feasible Solution:
1, install the decoder; the decoding rate of the decoder on the market is about 90%, can not completely decode all models, the turnover rate is larger.
2, install the resistor, you need professional installation.


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Sally Alysun
Good brightness and fast delivery.

Good brightness and fast delivery.

Great quality

Great quality, fast delivery