2x H7 LED Headlight Bulbs 12000LM 6000K Super Bright For Peugeot 508 I 8D 10-18

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  • Brand: BEVINSEE
  • Socket Type: H7
  • Voltage: DC 11V-18V
  • Wattage: 70W/Pair, 35W/Bulb
  • Lumen: 12000LM/Pair, 6000LM/Bulb
  • Color Temperature: 6000K White
  • Lifespan: Above 60,000 hours
  • LED Chip: 12PCS 3570 CSP Chips
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Waterproof Rate: IP67
  • Viewing Angle:360 degree
  • Operating temperature: -40-80 degree Celsius
  • Material: Aviation aluminum
  • Size Design:1:1 Same size as halogen,Plug&play
  • Suitable for: LED Headlight Bulbs,Fog Light,High Beam, Low Beam, Daytime
  • Running Light(DRL)


  • 1.【Same Size as Halogen for Easier to Install】Really plug and play. Bevinsee H7 led headlight bulb is the 1:1 same size as standard H7 halogen bulbs, non polarity, no additional adapters required, no any external driver or rearward clearance for an oversized heatsink, so these h7 led bulbs will drop right into any H7 housing, making the installation a breeze.
  • 2.【Higher Brightness for Wider Vision】Bevinsee H7 LED headlight bulb is way brighter than the stock halogen bulbs, giving you a 400% increase in brightness. With 6000k clearer white light, H7 LED provides a better view and greatly improve your visibility on the road while driving, especially at night.
  • 3.【Perfect Beam Pattern for Safety Driving】Bevinsee H7 led bulb is equipped 12 high-quality CSP chips that give you maximum brightness without compromising safety. This H7 LED headlight bulb high beam and low beam maintain a safe and consistent beam pattern, no dark spots and no blind to others. So, you can enjoy better visibility on the road without sacrificing safety or performance.
  • 4.【7-Year Long Lasting Lifespan】With its triple cooling system, H7 LED headlight bulb can last up to 7 years. Whole aviation aluminum body design, intensive fin heat sinks, and 15,000RPM silent turbofan ensures efficient cooling. This facilitates H7 LED headlight bulb to work consistently and extends its lifespan to 60,000 hours. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequently replacing bulbs.
  • 5.【Error-Free, Anti-Flicker】Bevinsee H7 LED bulb is built-in intelligent IC driver that works seamlessly with most vehicles' computer systems, ensuring no error codes or flickering issues. However, certain sensitive models may need a canbus decoder for optimal performance. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to message us.

For a small number of vehicles, an error message will still appear. Please get in touch with us to get a solution.

Package Includes:
1Pair H7 LED bulbs

Install Caution:
1. As a safety precaution, make sure that the car has had time to cool down properly before starting the installation process.
2. Put the vehicle into park or make sure it is securely in gear.
3. Make sure to have the ignition turned off and the keys removed.
4. Be careful to avoid burns, especially when turning on or off the vehicles lighting.
5. Be careful to avoid crushing or cutting the bulbs. Also make sure to not touch the bulbs with your fingers, as this will cause blotting.
6. Fully examine the connection of the contact points, ports and the wires as faulty connections can cause lighting problems.
7. Make certain that the end of the bulb does not come in contact with the interior light shield of the headlight when adjusting the bulb.
8. After installation, dust prevention measures must be done, LED lamp life depends on the cooling performance is good or bad. The lamp heat mainly active cooling (fan-cooling based, supplemented by the whole aviation aluminum heat dispassion ) as the main cooling method, the life of the fan in lamp bulb directly affects the life of LED lights.

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