2x H15 LED Headlight Globes 6000LM 50W High Beam For Volkswagen Golf MK6 10-14

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  • 【Perfect Fit】New version with a shorter base so that your light can be placed behind the dust cover for a snug fit.
  • 【300% Brighter Than Halogen】Upgraded CSP LED chips give off 6000K white light, providing you a clearer view of the road ahead of you to ensure your safety.
  • 【Faster Cooling】Heat generated on the light can be swept away quickly thanks to our patented aluminum construction, pure copper substrate and 12,000RPM silent turbo fan design, which makes its service life up to 50,000hrs.
  • 【360°Light Beam】The light is evenly distributed without affecting your visibility of peripheral vision. Eliminate the dark spots and no flickering.
  • 【EMC Function】No radio interference. Friendly to the car radio due to EMC reduction in electromagnetic interference.
  • 【IP68 Waterproof】Resistant to any bad weather, such as heavy rain, snow and humidity.

Bevinsee is a leading LED lighting brand around the world, providing first-class motorcycle/car lights for our customers. For a decade, our products have reached more than 100 countries, serving nearly 1,000,000 customers. Our overseas warehouses are spread across the globe to make fast delivery possible.

Main Features:
Beam available: H15 main beam with DRL mode.
Luminous flux: High beam: 6000LM/Pair  DRL: 2000LM/Pair
Power:  High beam: 50W/Pair  DRL: 16W/Pair
Voltage: DC 12V
Installation: Plug and Play
Color Temperature: 6000K White
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+120℃
Light source: With 4 Pieces Upgraded CSP LED chips.
Integrated aluminum body design, so easy for heat dissipation.
12,000RPM Turbo Fan Design
No interference on Car Radio.
No any delay to light up.
Super long service life 50,000 hours.

Packing included:
2x H15 Led Headlight Bulbs



For Volkswagen Golf MK6 10-14
Replace for Mercedes Benz A260 2012-2013
Replace for Mercedes Benz A180 2013
Replace for Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 2011-2017
Replace for Mercedes Benz Vito 2015
Replace for Mercedes Benz GLK200 2014
Replace for Mercedes Benz GLK260 2014
Replace for Mercedes Benz GLK300 2014-2016

Replace for LAND ROVER Discovery Sport 2016

Replace for Mazda CX-5, for Mazda 6, but not suitable for Mazda 6 gj

Replace for BMW 2series 220i 2015
Replace for BMW 2series M235i 2014

Replace for Audi A6 2012-2015
Replace for Audi A3 2014-2015
Replace for Audi Q7 2014-2016

Replace for Ford Edge 2015-2017
Replace for Ford Explorer 2016

Replace for Volkswagen Multivan 2012-2016
Replace for Volkswagen Touran 2011-2015
Replace for Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2012

Replace for Geely GC9 Borui 2015-2016

Replace for ZOTYE SR7 2016
Replace for ZOTYE Z300 2014-2016

1.For some vehicle,please measuring the gap between the headlight assembly back cover and other accessories according to our product size,if did not know how to install, professional installation is recommended!!!
2.For some vehicle,especially H7/H1 Type,You may need extra Bulb Holder/Retainer to help to upgrade your halogen Bulb to LED Bulb.
3.Please choose right product models before place your order,if you did not know what type models would fit to your car,please take some photos of your original headlight bulbs to us,or tell us of vehicle's "year,make,mold" ,we will give a help.

Imporatnt Notice:
This item wasn't exist self-decoding/self-Canbus【anti-flashing /anti-warning】function and DRL【Daytime running light】 function!!!
-- After installing the LED bulbs, the Vehicle needs to be decoded in the following cases:
1. the headlight light is flashing, strobe or indefinitely flashing(Electrolytic capacitor decoding may worked).
2. the on-board computer(ECU) reports an error, the central control panel displays an error icon or displays bulbs burns out error message.(Resistance decoding may worked)
3. The bulbs does not work. What you can do is connect the bulbs to12V DC ,it can work normally(Resistance decoding may worked).
situation 1: use this case to judge whether it need to be decoded.
situation 2:use this case to judge whether is a reverse polarity plug(turn bulb's plug 180° to insert into headlamp and turn on to test)

Feasible Solution:
1. Install the decoder; the decoding rate of the decoder on the market is about 90%, can not completely decode all models, the turnover rate is larger.
2. Install the resistor, you need professional installation.
3. Using ODM to read the error information code of the ECU on-board computer, through programming means, correct the error information to achieve the decoding effect.

Please mind to check whether the installation space is sufficient.
Some parts need to be removed before install this item to make enough installation space for it.
It may be necessary to replaced the customize dust cover of your headlamp.

If you want to use LED bulb on some European vehicles, and the following issue occur on it, those are NOT problems of LED bulb and NOT covered by warranty. It means you may need to buy a set of load resistor:
--Hyper Flashing
--No Light
--Error code shows up
Please contact with us if you still have any questions.

Install Caution
1. As a safety precaution, make sure that the car has had time to cool down properly before starting the installation process.
2. Put the vehicle into park or make sure it is securely in gear.
3. Make sure to have the ignition turned off and the keys removed.
4. Be careful to avoid burns, especially when turning on or off the vehicles lighting.
5. Be careful to avoid crushing or cutting the bulbs. Also make sure to not touch the bulbs with your fingers, as this will cause blotting.
6. Fully examine the connection of the contact points, ports and the wires as faulty connections can cause lighting problems.
7. Make certain that the end of the bulb does not come in contact with the interior light shield of the headlight when adjusting the bulb.
8. After installation, dust prevention measures must be done, LED lamp life depends on the cooling performance is good or bad. The lamp heat mainly active cooling (fan-cooling based, supplemented by the whole aviation aluminum heat dispassion ) as the main cooling method, the life of the fan in lamp bulb directly affects the life of LED lights.


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