Bevinsee V45 VS V35 LED Headlights

Bevinsee V45 VS V35 LED Headlights

We have developed & produced the V35 series led headlights from the second half of 2020, It was very popular when it came out,you can watch the video from Youtuber @Sergiu Gabor, who do the lighting tested job very professional and seriously.

And in the next year, our team are looking for breakthroughs to research better led lights, so after 1 years research the V45 Series came out.


What do V35 and V45 have in common?

  • They have the same bulb types: H4H7, H11, 9005, 9006, 9012 LED types.
  • They are both have VC cooling tech, which can embed heat-dissipating liquid that can form a hot and cold cycle. VC Cooling Tech added to the cooling basis ensures the bulb own long life.
  • They are durable and bright than halogen lights

What is the main difference between them?

  • Dimension of the leds: V45 Leds are smaller than v35, including the lamp body and diameter
  • Power of them: V45 is more powerful than V35, it has 120w/pair while the V35 is 100w

please see the pictures and the table below to know more clearly~



 V45 V35
Online Time 2021.10 2020.2
Lumen 22000LM 15000LM
Anti-interference EMC yes yes
Breakthrough-VC Cooling Tech 2nd VC Cooling Tech 2nd VC Cooling Tech
Wattage 120W/Pair 100W/Pair
Brightness 600% Brighter Than Halogen 500% Brighter Than Halogen
Chips 3570 CHIPS 3570 CHIPS
Type h4,h7,h11,9005,9006,9012 h4,h7,h11,9005,9006,9012,h1,h3
Size 3.15in*1.26in 3.15in*1.38in
Waterproof IP68 IP67
Lifespan >100000hrs >100000hrs
Price $49.99 $35.99

What the difference between them and other lights?


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