What is H7 led Headlight Bulb?

What is H7 led Headlight Bulb?

Knowing the bulb type will help you make the best choice when purchasing bulbs. Today we’ll get into one type of bulb—the H7 Led bulb.

H7 Bulbs Holder

H7 bulb is a kind of bulb fitting , and commonly used as headlights.
H7 is a single beam light with a two-pronged plug. The normal adapter of h7 looks like the picture i attached below.

h7 bulb holder

Except for normal h7 adapter, there are more than 30 kinds of special h7 holder in the marketing, which will fit the special vehicles.



Halogen H7 VS LED H7

If you've searched for or ordered the car headlight online in the website, you might know halogen, xenon, and LEDs. These are different types of bulbs commonly used as headlights in cars and motorycles.

Halogen lamps are developed from incandescent lamps. After thousands of attempts, the great inventor Edison finally found a material - tungsten wire, which can emit light when powered on. And then the incandescent lamp came. The halogen lamp is an upgraded incandescent lamp. It features with low cost, low color temperature and good penetration, but the disadvantages are: high temperature, poor durability and low brightness.

LED bulbs make up for halogen's shortcomings. They have a longer-spanlife, since they don’t rely on filaments that eventually burn out. The brightness of them are brighter and they are low temperature compared to halogen.



General H7 leds are bigger size than halogen bulbs. And as i mentioned before, the h7 halogen adapter can fit every vehicles which adapter is h7 no matter they are normal or special. But before buying H7 led bulbs, you need to recognize your bulb socket first to see if they are special or not.

(Here is the link about the special H7 holders)

The Z25 Series of bevinsee h7 is 1:1 size as halogen and also don't require additional adapters with canbus-free function.

You can find the right bulb fitting for your vehicle using the bulb fitment filter on our home page.

Learn more about the brightest H7 bulbs.


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