What is H4 Headlight Bulbs?

What is H4 Headlight Bulbs?

Figuring out the difference between various automotive bulbs and fittings will help you shop for the best bulbs for your car. Today we are going to learn more about the H4 bulbs.

What H4 Bulb used for?
H4 bulbs are used in headlamps, it contains two filaments, can be opted as both high- and low-beam lights in one single bulb. So if your car fit H4, you only need one set of bulb so that you can reach the high and low beam effect. If with othr type of headlights, you will need to buy 2 set, one for high beam andthe other for low beam.

How does the H4 looks like?
The bulb has a three-pronged attachment to the wiring harness, which makes it unique among the other bulbs, like H1, H7...which has 2 prongs on the base. Therefore, they are easier to identify.

Why H4 also called HB2, 9003?
The H4 bulb was originally invented for use in racing in Europe. After decades, H4 became popular in USA, but only can be used in motorcycles, couldn't be used in cars and trucks. The regulatory agencies in US banned them as they could easily blind oncoming driver and cause traffic accident, the dual-filament bulbs were not precise enough to meet restrictions on beam patterns headlamps
To make up for this defect, the HB2 or 9003 was developed. Actually the H4, HB2, and 9003 are essentially all the same bulb and can be used interchangeably. So we can see in the market, many bulbs will be featured all three labels on the packaging.

H4 Halogen VS LEDs
Halogen H4 Headlight bulb is a traditional style of auto bulb.They are generally produced with yellow coloured light. and they are chepeast lights compared to HID, Xenon, and led headlight.
H4 LED car headlights are more expensive than halogen bulbs, but last much longer. They have cooler colour temperature, appearing to be a bright white or blue colour, which will be more visilable and make your car more stylish. Besides, they do not require a ballast to control them which means a quicker and easier install and better use.


How to find a suitable H4 led Bulbs for my car?

  • See your bulb socket
  • See your original bulb adapter
  • Checking your vehicle handbook
  • Or you can use the filter in our first page (not complete, please conatct me anytime if you couldn't find the suitable bulb type)
h4 adapter
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