What is a headlight assembly? Projector & Reflector

What is a headlight assembly? Projector & Reflector

What is a headlight assembly?

The headlight assembly refers to the two ends installed on the head of the car, which is used for lighting when the car is driving at night or on dimly lit roads, including the whole assembly of lamp housings, fog lamps, turn signals, headlights, lines, etc. The driving lighting system is commonly called the headlight assembly.

Two Common Led Headlight Assembly
Projector & Reflector

What is the difference between Projector and Reflector?

Projector headlights use an ellipsoidal lens with the purpose of projecting a clean-cut beam pattern that minimizes the risk of obscuring the vision of oncoming traffic.
Reflector headlights are another type of headlight unit that your vehicle may be manufactured with. They are generally smaller than projector headlights in-depth and are cheaper to produce.

Benefits Of Projector Headlights

  • More focused beam pattern
  • Will not blind other road users
  • No dark spots
  • Significantly brighter in a focused spot than reflector headlights

Benefits Of Reflector Headlights

  • Produce a bigger beam pattern that covers a larger surface area
  • Cheaper to make.
  • Projector headlights are deeper, taking up more space within the vehicle.

Projector vs reflector: Which one will be better for a led headlight?

Actually, they are both suitable for Led headlights,
But the projector housing is more forgiving due to the cut-off shield structure and a deeper housing room. and it is designed for halogen lights, so maybe the same LED will have different output results.

When you select LED lights for the reflector housing, you need to take the stock headlamp bulb as a reference. All the H1 H7 H4 H11 9005 9006 9012 and other types of bulbs can be used in the reflector housing, but you need to compare the space of assembly and the bulb size. 

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