Review: V45 H7 LED Bulb Test On Jetta Mk6

Review: V45 H7 LED Bulb Test On Jetta Mk6

This review was originally from @Rodrigo Gonzalez Centeno


Purchase Item: V45 H7 LED Bulb

Features and Specs:

  • 120W/Pair
  • 22000LM/Pair
  • 6000K bright white light
  • Adjustable beam pattern
  • No need for a CANBUS decoder

Vehicle's Information: Jetta Mk6



The quality of the product is excellent, I am very upset with the lighting it offers, I have attached images and video, they were installed in a Jetta Mk6.


Customer Service:
Customer support is excellent, reply in time and suggestions are very helpful

Shipping condition: The packaging is strong and very visually appealing. Shipping to Mexico only takes 9 days for the standard shipping.

Brightness: Brighter and better than the factory bulbs I replaced, beam patterns are superior in every way.

Quality: Excellent lights for the price point, I believe them to be as good as some of the highly priced “Premium” lights available and would recommend these as an affordable alternative.

LED Lights Overview:
V45 Series is specially designed to solve the headache of heat build-up in surrounding assemblies and wiring harnesses, which is an inevitable problem even for LED lights of high performance.

V45 LED Headlights are proven effective in sweeping away the heat, making your headlight 100% bright as possible.

It has the best built led cooling system ever in the market:6063 Aluminum Substrate + Aluminum Tube + 36 Heat Sinks + 15000 RPM Powerful Fan


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