Guide to H1 Led headlight Bulbs

Guide to H1 Led headlight Bulbs

What Is H1 Light Bulb?

H1 light bulb is a high-beam headlight bulb that can used in cars, trucks, SUV’s and other vehicles,   you can see H1 halogen bulb, H1 LEDs in the marketing and they are usually used for front and rear lights and fog lights as well. 

What the H1 LED bulb adapter looks like?


The distance from the cross section to the outer circle is 21.0mm ( -0.5, +0), the diameter distance of the entire outer circle is 24.0mm (-0.2, +0)
An H1 halogen headlight bulb is integrated on a P14.5s base which is a round metal disc with a diameter of 14.5mm. A male spade connector has a width/diameter from 6.47 to 8mm.
The distance from metal disc to the male spade connector is about 18mm.

H1 led VS Halogen

  • How is the H1 halogen works?
    H1 Halogen Headlights are the most common type of headlights,
    The bulbs have a wire filament that heats up and produces light. When an electric charge passes through it, it will produce the gas in the bulb which makes the filament glow brightly.
  • How is the H1 LED works?
    H1 LED lights are brighter, energy-saving, and have lognger lifespan. They work by using the electricity from the vehicle to make illumination through light-emitting diodes.
Why the led can not be small like halogen?
Due to the heat dissipation problem, the design of the LED is larger than that of the halogen lamp. With the setting of the fan and fins, the LED can dissipate heat better, so as to achieve a better use effect.
Why H1 LED headlights are more attractive?

If we housed and aimed the led correctly, it can translate minimal input power into a lot of light, in other words, the same brightness, led only require 30w but using halogen need 50w, some one will say that the same watt halogen light will be brighter than led on road-driving, actually that is because the road lamp is the same color temperature as halogen, when they are doubled, you will feel halogen is bright.
LED headlights are upgrade bulbd to replace halogen, they are easily installed and readily available things that can make cars look more stylish.


What Are The Brightest H1 Headlight Bulbs?

So far in our website, V45 H1 is the brightest. We highly recommend you this if you are looking for the brightness of leds.

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